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14 months ago Catherine Devlin pyparsing 2.0.0 only if on Python3default tip
2011-08-25 catherine Added tag 0.6.4 for changeset c4c35f002aef
2011-08-25 catherine to version
2011-08-25 catherine custom double-redirector fixed
2011-08-21 catherine better SkipTo around quoted strings
2011-08-21 catherine new unit tests for better quote/terminator handling
2011-07-31 catherine get history in script form
2011-07-28 catherine Added tag 0.6.3 for changeset 73e741441ac0
2011-07-28 catherine added bug number0.6.3
2011-07-28 catherine no packrat for python3, darn
2011-07-28 catherine accept different default editors in example test
2011-07-28 catherine use packrat
2011-07-28 catherine delete pdb
2011-07-28 catherine oh glory be for ignore argument in SkipTo
2011-07-20 catherine require pyparsing 1.5.6 for its Python 3 power
2011-07-20 catherine describe Distribute requirement
2011-07-20 catherine Python 3 installation instructions
2011-06-22 Jason Ledbetter Additional support for native pbcopy for clipboard redirect (">") on MacOSX.
2011-02-02 catherine raise a specific error overriding optparse .error
2011-02-02 catherine generalizing xclip error trap
2011-02-02 catherine fix xclip trapping bug
2011-02-02 catherine use exception inheritence instead of listing all optparse exceptions
2011-02-01 catherine nesting try/finally for 2.4 compatibility
2010-11-17 Catherine Devlin replacing self.perror();return with raise for catchability
2010-11-12 Catherine Devlin begin work on v 0.6.3
2010-11-12 Catherine Devlin added arg_desc to @options, thanks Renzo Crispiatico
2010-11-09 Catherine Devlin Added tag 0.6.2 for changeset 9d5ff2ddfdea
2010-11-09 Catherine Devlin doc update0.6.2
2010-11-08 Catherine Devlin broke down StopIteration catches
2010-11-08 Catherine Devlin before changing StopIteration catch
2010-11-07 Catherine Devlin improving missing-end detection for transcript test
2010-11-07 Catherine Devlin was detecting first absent editor, not first presnt
2010-11-07 Catherine Devlin merged
2010-11-06 Catherine Devlin swallow echo of editor path
2010-03-25 catherine don't let falling-off-the-edge equal test success
2010-03-16 catherine correct spacing on conditional setuptools
2010-11-07 catherine report when end of transcript never seen
2010-09-21 catherine added postparse
2010-09-20 catherine __version__ not _version__
2010-09-19 catherine change version number to 0.6.2
2010-09-19 catherine encode paste buffer write for Python 3
2010-09-17 catherine no xclip >>> output got lost
2010-09-16 Catherine Devlin ignore whitespace during comparisons
2010-09-07 catherine swallow xclip error
2010-07-07 catherine including deb packaging changes from Jens
2010-05-18 Jens Braeuer FIX: Python2.[56] fails upon 'as'-keyword in
2010-05-18 Jens Braeuer FIX: Specify python version in package
2010-05-18 Jens Braeuer FIX: Typo
2010-05-18 kermit NEW: Debian package
2010-07-07 catherine before jens bundle
2010-06-21 anatoly techtonik fix some Sphinx warnings
2010-05-24 Catherine Devlin fixed bad indent in
2010-03-12 catherine setuptools optional
2010-03-05 catherine missing from egg?
2010-03-02 catherine tagging 0.6.1
2010-03-02 catherine trying to fix binds
2010-03-01 catherine doubledashcomment moved into sqlpyPlus to define parser after local comment definition
2010-03-01 catherine doc handling corrections
2010-02-22 cat replacing temporaryfile with an object seems good
2010-02-22 cat hg troubles with py3 branch